Foundry Products

Stable supply based upon abundant experience and knowledge of foundry in China

Based on abundant know-how obtained through more than 100 years of experience in casting industry, we support procurement of foundry products together with other metal products. We recommmend suitable suppliers not only in Japan, but also in China which we have been in cooperation for almost 40 years.
We not only honor our clients' price and quality requirements, we set our basic “principles” such as “selecting the right manufacturer” and “taking care of quality after production” to satisfy their needs. We are not only an import agent, we establish our goal and make commitment through clients’ point of view.
Also, we established an affiliate company (Dalian Kusano Trading Co., Ltd.) in Dalian, China, to support our clients in need of valuable information and procurement assistance.

Product Specification

FC100 – 350, FCD400 – 800, SC, SCW, ADI, alloy
Green sand mold (hand ramming & automatic molding), self-hardening (hand ramming & automatic molding), precision casting (lost wax process & semi-lost wax process)
Unit weight:
min 0.1 kg – max 20 MT
Surface treatment
Plating (zinc, electric, chrome), Coating (powder, baking finish, anti-rust, cation)
Quality inspection
Chemical analysis, Performance inspection, Hardness test, Inspection of internal defect by UT, X-ray, and Gamma ray
Mechanical processing
Precision machining, Rough machining

Products variation

Agricultural equipment
mission case, clutch case, wheel shaft case, flywheel cover counterweight, bracket, sprocket
Construction machinery parts
counter weight, bracket, sprocket
Machine tools
bed structure, platen, bracket
Hardware for waterworks
manholes, valve, pump casing
Railway parts
draft stop, axle box
Civil engineering
roof drain, steel pipe pile, frame
Kitchen accessories
trivet, griddle, adjuster
Blast furnace mill parts
molds, rolling machine mold, grate bar
Elevator parts


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