Supporting a environment friendly agricultural business

Carnation Cutting

Supplier: Dummen Orange Japan., Ltd.
Carnation seedlings are produced in the "passionate nation" of Spain. We supply high quality seedlings to our domestic carnation producers.

Fiton Plus (*patent pending)

Technical cooperation: Taiyo Corporation.
Manufacturer: Yamaguchi-Busan Co., Ltd.
We are the sole distributor for Fiton Plus. Fiton Plus is derived from natural herbs which can be directly applied to help plants revitalize. Thus friendly to plants, environment, and people using on daily basis.

Soil conditioner for agriculture and public works

Suppliers: Nichiasu Co., Ltd., and others.
The soil conditioner are plant fibers which help improve the environment for soil microbes by mixing together with soil. We have various assortments of soil conditioners suitable for controlling pH and revitalizing soil microbes.

Rock wool

Supplier: Nippon Rockwool Corporation Rock wool is made from by-product called blast furnace slag.
It is the most popular product for solution culture widely used to produce flowering plants such as carnation, rose, gerbera, fruits and vegetables such as tomato and strawberry.


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