鉄を中心にソフト&ハードの視点で未来を見つめる草野産業株式会社 そのフィールドは多岐にわたっています。

Since our foundation in 1914, we have been promoting business with main focus on casting industry.
Out of variety of products line, we keep the leading position in foundry pig iron business in Japanese market.

Our motto is to realize corporate social responsibility to assure constant supply of raw materials to casting industry which is a part of domestic industrial sector and to conduct business in good faith and not always pursuing quick profit.
Based on this corporate philosophy, we have fostered a corporate culture in which all employees make the best effort as well as performing positive challenges to various tasks.
In domestic market, we are expanding business in the fields of steel products, machinery & equipment, foundry products, carbon materials and agricultural products. In overseas market, we are promoting business in Asian area with its core in China and Indonesia.

We will further energize each business sector and prepare the framework to quickly respond to technological innovation, changes of the market needs and economic fluctuations and thereby, we will promote Kusano Group business in order to become “reliable multi-functional trading company”.

President Soichiro Kusano

Management Philosophy

Action Guidelines


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